A man asks 'What are my nipples for?' and falls into a personal crisis with a drastic solution.

Inspired by a Celtic fertility ritual.

Official Selection @ three prominent festivals we can't name yet, but we're BAFTA qualifying.

Writer / Director & co-editor - Bailey Tom Bailey

Production Company - Bad Collective

Producers - Aaron Z. Wilson, Callum Harrison


Ron Burt - Joseph Macnab

Chloe Chival - Lily Wood

Celtic King - Ronan Cullen

Celtic Nobleman - Vile Loikkanen, Travis Booth-Millard

Book Narrator - Mark Elstob

Telephone Operator - Justine Louise Hope

Medic - Sorcha Bannon

Commuters - Jamie Chang, James Barber, Elizabeth Rufai

Shocked Couple - Callum Harrison, Klara Rychtarchiova

Boys Hand - Ronnie Brodrick


Production Manager - Melissa Giles

Casting - Emily Tilelli CDG CDA, Sally Andrews CDA

Director of Photography - Spike Morris

Production Designer - Amy Beth Addison

Prosthetics Artist - Suzi Battersby

Editing & VFX - Aurelien Boisson, Bailey Tom Bailey

Focus Puller - Raul Menendez

Loader - Milo Brown

Camera Trainee - Klara Rychtarcikova

Gaffer - Helio Riberio, Kia Little

Electrician - Ryan Massey

Art Dept. Assistant - Terri Palamara

Sound Recordist - David Baker

Production Assistant - Elizabeth Rufai

Camera & Lighting - Procam

Colourist - Myles Bevan

Colour Facilities - Time Based Arts

Colour Producer - Sean Ewins

Composer - Stefano Fasce

Sound Designer - Berry Cookman

Sound Facilities - Wave Studios

Sound Producer - Rebecca Boswell

'Tender Soul' performed by - Lincoln Grounds, Bob Bradley, Steve Dymond & published by Audio Network